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Deliver Us / Their Ghoulish Reputation Anthology, 2022

Published by Dark Lake Publishing. 

When three teenage girls are murdered in a quiet Midwestern town, the rumor mill begins to swirl. Was it an escaped convict, spiteful classmates, or something more sinister? As the case grows cold and suspicion pits neighbor against neighbor, the townspeople must grapple with what exactly brought them to this bloody breaking point.

You can buy and read more about the anthology here

Saint Maria's Home for Murdered Girls / Qu Literary Magazine, Issue 16, 2022

"Though you grew up in the city, you always liked to look up at the stars. On those rare visits to Grandma in the country, you’d always take the time to sit on the porch at night once she fell asleep, open-mouthed in front of the TV. Lightning bugs would pop off like spark plugs in the field, and you would trace the constellations with your pointer finger. You liked the idea that way out there, galaxies away, they had their own planets spinning around them. From where you were standing, they were small enough to be afterthoughts, inconsequential. Yet they were still beautiful, still worth tracing with your finger. You’d always liked that.


Though, you liked them less with the dirt in your mouth. The muddy sticks piercing your back."

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