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Sydney Koeplin

Writer, Editor, Creative

Textured Paper

Featured Work

Hypertext Magazine

Spring/Summer 2023

"At twenty-three years old I still ask others to kill my bugs. I hate the feeling of the exoskeleton giving away. I hate the crunch, the squish of pus-colored goo that seeps out beneath a shoe or the folds of a napkin."

Qu Literary Magazine

Summer 2022

"For the most part, girls couldn’t go from room to room freely, but there were special circumstances, special girls. Normally if their case was infamous. If they were martyrs of legend. One in particular jumped around, bleeding through the walls, standing behind you until you turned around, whispering in your ear."

Intrepid Times

May 2021

"Before we left that morning, the two men had warned us that octopus hunting was not for the faint of heart; after spearing the octopus you had to kill it quickly, and the best way to do that was to bite into its brain. Right between the eyes."

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