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Deliver Us
Their Ghoulish Reputation: A Folk Horror Anthology, 2022

"No one really cared when the girls disappeared. They always came back."

Saint Maria's Home for Murdered Girls
Qu Literary Magazine, 2022

"It felt to you that there was nothing more transient than the life of a girl."

Personal Essays

Points of Entry
Hypertext Magazine, 2023

"I think: I am a supernova. I am the sun."

Sharks and Shipwrecks
Intrepid Times, 2021

"From the outside, I’d thought it looked like a skeletal grin, but once inside, I realized that was wrong; the ship was a rib cage, and I had breached its chest cavity."

Mother of Octopi
Intrepid Times, 2021

"In the early morning, a group of us made our way down to the beach." 

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